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Aircraft Charter

Whether you need a simple one way or round trip, or you need a charter for multiple destinations with a group of business partners, colleagues, or family members on board, GFK Flight Support here to meet your needs.

 We can offer you immediate quotes for any business or aircraft charter needs. Our services include all of the comforts that meet the specific needs of your trip. GFK Flight Support is here to ensure that you travel safely, affordably, and on your terms.

Our specialized system operates with private owed or rental aircraft. With our team of accredited and compliant aircraft operators who ensure the highest safety standards at all times.

GFK Flight Support will coordinate and support your trip according to your schedule and personal needs.

Looking for the easiest, most convenient, and safest way to get from Grand Forks to your destination? Book a flight to virtually any other city in the country using one of our professionally maintained and comfortable aircraft fleet.

Flight Instructor services

Aircraft Management & Pilot Services

Are you are interested in aircraft ownership for business or personal use? We have the expertise to advise you on; the budget which aims for efficient operation, logistics to coordinate your needs, and provide a safe pilot with the appropriate qualifications.

Each of our pilots is FAA Commercial / Instrument / Multi-Engine certified with diverse experience in turboprop, turbojet, and piston aircraft operations.

The pilot-in-command of your aircraft  will always assess and identify safety risks, carry out all instrument and equipment checks, and stay in constant communication with the ground air traffic control during flight. We also take care of all of the necessary documents and calculations. Sometimes, depending on the distance to be traveled or the type of aircraft, two or more pilots may be needed on board to manage the specific needs.

Our workforce is innovative and flexible. We have a proven track record and are capable of adapting to market changes. We have experience and are 100% commitment to the safety of our customers, crew, and community.

 We constantly investing in our fleet. We operate newest technologies that adapt to the needs of our clients and crew; these company standard ensure customer satisfaction.

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