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Aircraft Acquisition

GFK Flight Support is an all in one aircraft Management Company for your aviation needs. We make the whole process simple and straight forward with maximum comfort! The goal of GFK Flight Support is to assess the needs of your mission and help in choosing the best aircraft for the job. Here we provide clients with the knowledge and guidance of licensed pilots with extensive experience in many different aspects of the aviation industry. A unique advantage provided by GFK Flight Support is our ability to serve those operating in the piston and turboprop market, as well as the jet aircraft market.

GFK Flight Support helps clients navigate their path to aircraft ownership through a flexible yet structured process. At GFK Flight Support, we value transparency.

Our Buying Process

We are with you 100% of the way!


Needs Analysis

We work with you to decide which aircraft to buy based on your mission needs. We consider the following; speed, range, and capacity, as well as the purchase price range and operating budget. After this step of the process, a detailed summary of the aircraft that best meets your needs will also be emailed.


Market Research

We research the market for you and explain what to look out for when purchasing a specific aircraft. We will also introduce you to eligible aircraft currently on the market and even non-market aircraft available through our connections.


Plane Evaluation

GFK Flight Support helps you locate a specific aircraft, giving special attention to the value based on the aircraft structure, engine, and other component times. We also take inspection status, avionics, service history, service history, damage, and cosmetics appearance seriously.


Aircraft selection

 We will help you compare the final aircraft located at the aircraft identification stage and select an aircraft to continue the acquisition process.


Preliminary Review

We will establish a maintenance history/aircraft record review, which should be performed by professional maintenance personnel to determine if the process is worth going forward. GFK Flight Support can even perform maintenance history/record reviews ourselves for some piston and turboprop aircraft!


Initial Negotiation

We will be available to advise you during the initial negotiation on the terms of sale subject to the pre-purchase inspection. We also get involved in the price negotiation and the location of the pre-purchase inspection.


Pre-purchase inspection

We will help you move the aircraft to a reliable maintenance facility for a pre-purchase inspection.


Closure and Delivery

We will see that all paperwork and licensing is complete, and if needed deliver your new aircraft to the destination that you approve.

Why Choose Us?

Fly directly to your destination from the nearest local airport.

Your time is a precious resource. We help free up your schedule so you can focus on whats important.

Arrive and depart on your schedule, not theirs.

All seats are first class!

Take your team and family with you!

Available 24/7

Every pilot and aircraft is certified and exceed FAA standards.