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Pilot Services

GFK Flight Support is a world class air charter company. As a leading company in the aircraft charter field, we want nothing but the best for our customers.

Our pilot service involves interpreting the needs of passengers to ensure they gain the desired comfort and safety. With us, your charter and pilot services never go wrong.

GFK Flight Support offers a variety of flight service options, giving you a versatile solution for any need. We only recruit the best pilots and make sure they maintain current standards and training requirements that exceed all standards.

We will help you assess your mission profile and better define the most appropriate structure. With options including hourly, daily and full-time pilots, GFK Flight Support can provide you with the right solution.

Pilot Services

GFK Flight Support, we know that buying an aircraft is a significant investment. We also know that one of the most important decisions you can make is to hire a pilot or crew to operate your aircraft safely, which can be confusing and stressful. We are here to alleviate that stress.

Our administrative staff have years of experience in the industry. This experience allows us to find and recruit elite pilots without having to go through the usual channels.

When examining candidates, we assess riding experience, certifications and qualifications. We also go the extra mile to find well-rounded people who  have a positive attitude.

Whether you have a piston or turbine aircraft, our team, along with our Comprehensive Management Program, help you get the most out of your aircraft.

Delivery & Ferry

Our team of professionals are experienced in accepting new and used aircraft. We will carry out an inspection of the aircraft and make sure everything is in order before formally accepting the aircraft.

New aircraft require special attention. Our team helps to detect any cosmetic production defects and confirm that all systems are functioning properly. An experienced pilot will take the aircraft for a test flight and perform all functions and operations to ensure the aircraft is performing as expected.

When buying a used aircraft, there is a lot to check. It’s not just the aircraft, but maintenance records, certification documents, etc. Our staff will help ensure a smooth process when purchasing a used aircraft.

After purchase, we can transport the plane anywhere in the world, safely and on your schedule.

Why Choose Us?

Fly directly to your destination from the nearest local airport.

Your time is a precious resource. We help free up your schedule so you can focus on whats important.

Arrive and depart on your schedule, not theirs.

All seats are first class!

Take your team and family with you!

Available 24/7

Every pilot and aircraft is certified and exceed FAA standards.

The Advantages of Pilot Services


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