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GFK Flight Support is an FAA Certified Operator specializing in Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Management, & Pilot Services We are conveniently located at the Grand Forks International Airport, Grand Forks, ND (KGFK)
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Welcome to GFK Flight Support. We are an FAA Certified Operator specializing in Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Management, & Pilot Services. We are conveniently located at the Grand Forks International Airport, Grand Forks, ND (KGFK). GFK Flight Support is a fundamental component of the regional aviation system. We participate in research and development activities aimed at customer satisfaction. We are born from a great passion for flight and aircraft management. We have the skills, expertise, and experience to help our clients achieve their strategic and operational goals. Hence we provide a wide range of high-quality services. The operational, administrative, and  flexibility of our Company is the fundamental characteristics that separate GFK Flight Support from the competition. We fine-tune and customize our methodologies based on the our clients specific needs.

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Since new ownership in 2015, GFK Flight Support has continued to offer Charter Services, Aircraft Management, and Pilot Services to Grand Forks and the surrounding communities. In 2017, we continued expanding our charter aircraft options by adding a Cirrus SR-22 to the fleet as a low-cost  charter option. Today, we are a growing group of professional pilots offering a continually improving service to our community and our clients. We strive for safety while providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to your business and leisure travel needs.

What We Do

Over the years, GFK Flight Support has been offering market-leading solutions in the aviation sector. The quality of our service and our unmatched reliability has made us the fastest-growing aviation service provider in the region. We specialize in Aircraft Charter, Pilot Services, Aircraft Management​ , and UAV Operations. We draw our strength from deep and lasting relationships with aeronautics operators. This philosophy is still the basis of all our activities. Integrity and honesty are the bedrocks of our modus operandi and allow us to establish lasting and mutually beneficial collaborative relationships, based on respect and trust. Our customers are our most important asset. Together we have created a corporate culture aimed at the growth of our employees and members of the aviation community. GFK Flight Support aims to be the leader in providing aeronautical services to customers, suppliers, and employees in the leasing, charter, and aviation industries around the Red River Valley and beyond. By investing relentlessly in our internal and external relationships, we aim to offer unrivaled solutions to a diverse and continuously growing clientele with an undaunted dedication to innovation. You can reach us today to get the best consultancy and support service in the industry!


ATIS - 119.4

Tower - 118.4

Ground - 124.57

Clearance - 135.72

Approach - 118.1

Departure - 118.1

CTAF - 118.4

UNICOM - 129.95


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