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Drone Services

With the new drone technologies that we use at GFK Flight Support, we offer high-quality images at a flexible price, with honesty and professionalism guaranteed. What could be achieved a few years ago at a very high price, we offer at affordable prices and with unbeatable quality. In our clients can see the images captured by the drone in real-time. We have a team of professional pilots that supports our work.

The best aerial photographs

Our cameras are of the latest generation; therefore, we can capture images in 4K ultra HD and FullHD. Our photographs are taken with high-resolution professional cameras. We perform aerial photography services with drones for architecture, agriculture, sporting events, hotels, real estate, public works, and much more. We take amazing aerial photographs. Our drones allow aerial photographs with reduced cost and exceptional results.
GFK Flight Support can offer you the best results for your needs.

What do we offer?

Corporate Events

We are able to show your product and service from a different perspective. Complete your video with excellent aerial images from us.


Give a touch of quality to your advertising videos by adding footage and aerial photos with a drone.

Sporting Events

The monitoring from the sky of a race, a match, a show, etc can be safely left in our care. Complement the video with some spectacular aerial images with the drone. We are visibly your best option.

Real Estate

Give your listing a new and exciting point of view. Get more clients and get your houses sold quickly.

Land Inspection

To show the status of work outdoors, be it a road, a bridge, or a farm, we can fly over the area filming with our drone.

Building Inspection

In order to inspect a location that is difficult to access, either because it is dangerous or difficult ot reach, with a drone, we can film and photograph without any human risk.