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At GFK Flight Support we offer private aircraft charter services and promises to offer a transparent overview of the market. Our unique corporate structure and the use of cutting-edge technologies and procedures ensure you receive the best service at the best price.

Below are common questions that we get from potential clients. You can still reach out to our customer support staff if you have any other questions.

Certainly, your pets will stay with you in the cabin, ensuring them a comfortable ride and giving you the confidence that they are okay. Depending on your destination, your account manager will ask you for the right documentation, informing you about what you need to have on board.
Each aircraft has a different carriage capacity based on the cabin’s size and the category to which it belongs. Therefore, the number of luggage that can be taken on board also varies accordingly. Your account manager will be able to recommend the perfect aircraft for your needs so that you have sufficient space to carry everything you so desire on board.
You can take solid foods with you, but not soups, dishes with gravy, etc. Generally, any liquid or soft product is prohibited: fresh liquid or soft cheeses are not allowed in the cabin. Opaque containers such as cans of more than 100 ml are prohibited regardless of the content.
Almost all aircraft used by GFK Flight Support are equipped with onboard toilets.
This depends on the type of aircraft chosen and is, therefore, an option entirely in the customer’s hands.
After security, privacy is the most critical element for GFK Flight Support. Therefore, you can count on the fact that you will not be disturbed in any way during the flight.

For the protection of our passengers, all aircraft used by GFK Flight Support are non-smoking.

GFK Flight Support is always available. Reservations can be made directly using the form on our site. For any questions please e-mail us at kyleb@flygfk.com or by telephone at 844-383-5435 active 24 hours a day.