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Professional Aircraft Management

Whether you currently own an aircraft or looking for one in the market, GFK Flight Support can coordinate all of your administrative and support needs.
GFK Flight Support has an aggressive and highly experienced management team dedicated to safety and customer service. Our management program exceeds FAA standards and will ensure that your aircraft is well managed.

Thanks to our organizational model, we are able to provide most of the services in-house, which gives us room to pass the savings on to our customers and minimize time waste.

Updates, inspections, and repairs, as well as general cleaning services, are carried out at our facilities. We have hanger space that will keep your aircraft safe and secure.

We also provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and perform all required inspections while maintaining the highest level of commitment to safety. We only use the most up-to-date maintenance plans to make sure your aircraft is always updated, and downtime is kept to a minimum.

The Highest Standards of Aircraft Safety

We don’t just follow mandatory safety rules. Our rigorous operational control standards exceed FAA regulatory requirements. We believe in the highest level of security, and we won’t settle for less. From having the best risk management systems to strict pilot training procedures and more. GFK Flight Support takes every step to protect you and your aircraft:

Direct Management Services

efficiency and flexibility

GFK Flight Support organizes charter flights for professionals who want to maximize their efficiency by making the most of the time available.

Chartering a private plane allows managers and executives to stick to tight schedules, allowing them to attend meetings in different cities or visit different places in a single day.

A private plane is the most comfortable, safe, and secure way for a company to fly its executives.

luxury, comfort, and privacy

Private planes are also used for leisure travel, as they allow you to fly together with friends and family in a safe environment. We are able to guarantee maximum comfort and privacy.

Whether it’s a short weekend ski trip or a two-week Caribbean vacation, GFK Flight Support will always be able to to assist you in getting you and your loved ones to your destination easily and safely.

why choose GFK Flight Support for to manage your aircraft?

GFK Flight Support takes every step to protect you and your aircraft:

All GFK Flight Support charter flights guarantee maximum confidentiality and are treated in every aspect in close collaboration with your security service provider.

Whether you need a connection to a commercial flight or fly with tailor-made schedules, we will arrange the private jet charter flight to suit your needs. Whatever they are.

One of our charter flight experts will be at your disposal 24 hours every day, 7 days a week, to help you meet your every need, from choosing the on-board menu to last-minute changes.

Our team operates with a Operational Risk Management System. All moving parts of our services are adherent to our rigorous safety standards.

All of the paperwork, tracking, and general headaches associated with owning an aircraft will be taken care of. No hassle, just the benefits and freedom of owning your own plane.

We would never let our clients fly in a plane that we wouldn’t take our own family in. You will know that every time you fly that your aircraft is ready for the task. Our safety and standards are unmatched.