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GFK Flight Support offers many solutions to meet your business aviation needs. From the ease of aircraft charter to the turn key solutions of aircraft ownership, GFK Flight Support can help you use your travel dollar more efficiently.

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GFK Flight Support Charter is the perfect solution for companies looking for the benefits of corporate aviation but do not want any of the obligations of aircraft ownership.
We will handle everything. Tell us your schedule and destination and we will do the rest. Ground transportation, hotels, and catering will all be arraigned as you desire.


Aircraft ownership right for you? We can help you answer that question. By analyzing your travel needs we can fit the right airplane to you. We can help set up partnerships with other companies. We can hire and train the right pilot. There is no need for your company to open a flight department, we are experts in aircraft management.

Let us show you how to travel in style, comfort, in complete privacy and with no hassle of lines at the airport. Straight from your vehicle to the airplane and then to your desired destination.
See our Aircraft Comparison page to see the differences of some common types of business aircraft.

Pilot Services

Each of our pilots is FAA Commercial / Instrument / Multi-Engine certified with diverse experience in turboprop, turbojet, and piston aircraft operations.

The pilot-in-command of your aircraft will always assess and identify safety risks, carry out all instrument and equipment checks, and stay in constant communication with the ground air traffic control during flight. We also take care of all of the necessary documents and calculations. Sometimes, depending on the distance to be traveled or the type of aircraft, two or more pilots may be needed on board to manage the specific needs.

The Advantages of Business Avaiation


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Business Aviation News

1/17/13  Companies using business aviation are recovering faster. 
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1/14/13  BUSINESS AVIATION – Maintaining Shareholder Value Through Turbulent Times
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